Day 1 Kota Kinabalu / Summit Trail

Depart your hotel in Kota Kinabalu and travel 2 hours along the ridges of the Crocker Range to Kinabalu Park. Register names with Park Office for mountain climb. Proceed to the start of the summit trail at the Power Station. Trek up to Laban Rata and enjoy a packed lunch along the way. Look out for the pitcher plants and orchids along the way. Dinner. Overnight at Laban Rata Resthouse/Gunting Lagadan/Waras Hut. (Lunch/Dinner included).

Day 2 Summit Trail / Kota Kinabalu

At 0300 hrs, proceed from Laban Rata to the summit of Kinabalu. You should arrive in time for sunrise, Descend to the Resthouse for breakfast before descending to the Park. After lunch, return to Kota Kinabalu and transfer to your hotel. (Breakfast/Afternoon tea included)

What to bring :

Raincoat, warm clothing, windbreaker, a bottle of drinking water, insect repellent, sun block, cap, gloves, warm socks, camera, lip balm, toilet paper, good flashlight, personal toiletries, towel and other items of personal use. Take some high energy food (chocolate, power bar, nuts, raisins, and glucose sweets). Walking stick (Ski pole) may be useful.

Take lightweight cotton shirts, short/long pants recommended. It may rain at the mountain, so bring spare for items that are important to you in case they get wet in the rain. Travel light. Carry a light overnight backpack. Make backpack waterproof by covering contents with large plastic bags. Carry spare plastic bag for wet items in case of rain. Use good trekking shoes.

You will experience variations in atmospheric pressure and unpredictable weather. Bring some headache tablets, diarrhoea and vomit pills. Some plasters for cuts or blisters are all useful.


All mountain climbers are required to produce their passport (Non-Malaysian) and/or identity card (Malaysian) during the registration process at the Kinabalu National Park Headquarters. A climbing permit will be issued to climbers

Fitness :

No special skills or equipments are needed to climb Mount Kinabalu. However climbing requires average fitness and some basic trainings such as brisk walking, swimming, and climbing steps will be useful.. Climbers should be healthy and with no history of suffering from the following ailments:

1) Heart disease

2) Hypertension

3) Chronic asthma

4) Peptic ulcer

5) Severe anaemia

6) Diabetes

7) Arthritis

8) Epileptic fits

9) Palpitation

10) Hepatitis (Jaundice)

11) Muscular cramps

12) Obesity

13) Mobility challenged

14) Any other sickness that may be triggered by severe cold, exertion and high altitude

** IMPORTANT The following client details need to be submitted at the time of booking

Name according to the Passport

Passport number


Date of Birth