Morning, pick up from your hotel in Kota Kinabalu and drive to Kota Belud. Rice fields, villages and nice scenery can be seen along the way. Kota Belud is the land for the Bajau, a local native tribe who have settled here for a long time. On every Sunday, the Bajau bring out their local produce, handicraft, and other wares to be sold in this large open air market. The market is also the focal point for the locals to socialise and catch up with the latest. You can see them in colourful costume and mingle in groups. The Bajau like their horses and have been using them as local transportation for a long time. Today, you may be able to see the Bajau horsemen with their traditional colourful costume on Parade in the field. Buffalo is used widely in the rice cultivation in the areas around Kota Belud as farming method has never been modernised. Today, you may also be able to see the numerous buffalo lined up to be auctioned to the highest bidders. Return to Kota Kinabalu and transfer back to your hotel.